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National AHEC Scholars

 The National AHEC Scholars program will provide you with experiences beyond the classroom through rural rotations, interdisciplinary learning and financial assistance. West Texas AHEC of the Plains will award scholars up to $1,600.00 for a two-year commitment. This program is available to all students enrolled in healthcare and pre-healthcare certificate or degree programs.

AHEC Scholars: Welcome
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Scholars at a Glance

Rare Opportunities, Invaluable Experiences, Interdisciplinary Learning, Community Service

Open to both undergraduate and graduate students, AHEC Scholars is a nationally recognized program that will provide you with learning beyond the classroom.Students will need to complete 40 hours of clinical experience along with 40 hours of didactic training per year.  AHEC Scholar students will be able to round out their education by exploring current and emerging health issues like opioids, HPV, social determinants of health, cultural competency, practice transformation and behavioral health integration. This program will also allow students to get out in their rural communities with rural preceptorships to see what kind of impact rural medicine has in its communities.

AHEC Scholars: Who We Are

Disciplines able to Apply


Nursing/ LVN/ RN/ NP
Physician Assistants
Dental Hygiene


Social Workers
Speech Pathologists
Licensed Professional Counselors
Public Health


Community Health Workers
Clinical Lab Sciences
Respiratory Therapy

AHEC Scholars: What We Do
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25 Applicants will be accepted from your region.

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AHEC Scholars: Headliner
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